15.01.2021 - "Interplay between neutrino physics and the fundamental cornerstones of general relativity" (Dr. Luciano Petruzziello, University of Salerno, Italy)
22.01.2021 - "Gravitationally induced corrections to uncertainty relations" (Fabian Wagner, M.Sc., U. Szczecin)
29.01.2021 - "Bekenstein bound from the Pauli principle" (Dr. Luca Smaldone, Charles University, Prague)

02.2021 - Winter Break

05.03.2021 - "Resolving the Hubble Tension with cosmic viscosity" (Roberto Caroli, M.Sc., U. Szczecin)
12.03.2021 - "Breaking the Mass Sheet Degeneracy with Gravitational Wave Interference in Lensing events" (Paolo Cremonese, M.Sc., U. Szczecin)
19.03.2021 - "Classical and quantum f(R) cosmology: The big rip, the little rip and the little sibling of the big rip." (M.Sc. Teodor Borislavov Vasilev, Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
26.03.2021 - "Is asymptotically safe inflation eternal?" (M.Sc. Jan Kwapisz, University of Warsaw)
09.04.2021 - "Constraining Primordial Non-Gaussianities with Post-reconstructed Galaxy Bispectrum" - (Prof. Naonori Sugiyama, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Tokyo)
16.04.2021 - "The many faces of gravitational waves from intermediate-mass black-hole mergers" (Dr. Juan Calderon Bustillo, University of Santiago de Compostela)
23.04.2021 - "Modifying the geometry of the Universe" (Prof. David Wiltshire, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand)
30.04.2021 - "Wormholes in Einstein-Dirac-Maxwell theory" (Prof. Jose Luis Blazquez Salcedo, Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
07.05.2021 - TBA
14.05.2021 - "Queer uses of black hole spectroscopy: verifying the Bekenstein-Hod universal bound using LIGO-Virgo observations" (M.Sc. Gregorio Carullo, University of Pisa, Italy)
21.05.2021 - "Updates on the Hubble Tension problem" (Roberto Caroli, M.Sc., U. Szczecin)
28.05.2021 - "Constraints on the antistar fraction in the Solar system neighborhood from the 10-years Fermi Large Area Telescope gamma-ray source catalog" (Dr. Simon Dupourqué, Institut de Recherche en Astrophysique et Planétologie - Université de Toulouse, France)
11.06.2021 - "The energy conditions and faster than light travel"(Dr. Jessica Santiago Silva, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)

07.2021-09.2021 - Summer Break

15.10.2021 - "Witnesses of non-classicality beyond quantum theory" (M.Sc. Gregorio Paci, University of Bologna)
22.10.2021 - "The deceleration parameter in tilted Friedmann universes" (Roberto Caroli, M.Sc., U. Szczecin)
29.10.2021 - "Multi-component DHOST analysis in galaxy clusters" (Enrico Laudato, M.Sc., U. Szczecin)
05.11.2021 - "Generalized uncertainty principle or curved momentum space?" (Fabian Wagner, M.Sc., U. Szczecin)
26.11.2021 - "Thermodynamics of black holes and some applications of generalized uncertainty principle" (Dr. Hussain Gohar, U. Szczecin)
03.12.2021 - "Pseudo-fractal geometry of COVID-19 versus horizon geometry of a black hole" (prof. M.P. Dąbrowski, U. Szczecin)
10.12.2021 - "Flexible and Fast Estimation of Binary Merger Population Distributions with Adaptive KDE" (Dr. Jam Sadiq, University of Santiago de Compostela)
17.12.2021 - "Explicit spacetime-symmetry breaking and higher-derivative gravity" (Dr. Nils Albin Nilsson, Center for Quantum Spacetime, Sogang University, Seoul)

24.12.2021-07.01.2022 - Christmas Break