Grassmannian Conference in Fundamental Cosmology (Grasscosmofun'09)

The Grassmannian Conference in Fundamental Cosmology (Grasscosmofun'09) is organized by the cosmology group of the University of Szczecin and will take place from 14th to 19th September, 2009 in Szczecin, Poland. The conference will be one of the accompanying events related to the celebration of Hermann Günther Grassmann birth bicentennial anniversary.

Registration is closed - for details see ``Registration'' or ``Deadlines''

In about the same period of time (16-19.09.2009) there will be a paralell interdisciplinary conference (philosophy, history, linguistics, mathematics, physics) devoted to Hermann G. Grassmann. The last day of this conference (19.09.2009) will be an optional interdisciplinary session day for participants of Grasscosmofun'09 (see the programme).


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University of Szczecin

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