Fabian Wagner, Ph.D. in 2022

Ph.D. student

room: 407
tel: +48 91 444 12 83
e-mail: fabian.wagner [at]

Interest: The pursuit of theories of quantum gravity has sparked a considerable amount of candidates but lead to few predictions which would let experiments distinguish between different approaches in the foreseeable future. This lead to the rise of the subject of quantum gravity phenomenology, an area which tries to make out theory agnostic properties of quantum gravity in the observable realm. Instead of asking what distinguishes the theories, one can also concentrate on effects that are common to several of them and thus test whether we are on the right track or gravity has to be quantized at all. One of the most prominent of these effects is the existence of a minimum length in nature often incorporated by a generalized uncertainty principle (GUP) which alters Heisenberg's celebrated relation at higher energies. I personally am intrigued by the possibility of measuring quantum gravity related effects in the future. The information extracted out of such results would probably change our entire view of the world.


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