16.01.2015 – “The Multiverse – a hypothesis or a consequence?” (Prof. Mariusz P. Dąbrowski)
23.01.2015 – “Three different mathematical frameworks for varying constant entropic cosmology” (Hussain Gohar, M. Sc.)

30.01.2015 – 13.02.2015winter break

20.02.2015 – “Chaotic systems in relativity and cosmology” (Prof. Mariusz P. Dąbrowski)
27.02.2015 – “Numerical analysis of modified gravity cosmological models in Palatini formalism” (Dr. Michał Kamionka, Instytut Astronomii UWr)
06.03.2015 – “Observational test of a modified gravity (varying G) model with gravitational lensing” (Dr. Vincenzo Salzano)
13.03.2015 – “Singular universes against observations” (Dr. Tomasz Denkiewicz)
20.03.2015 – Solar eclipse seminar at Wały Chrobrego in Szczecin
27.03.2015 – “Future SNeIa survey insights on SN evolution and variation of G and alpha” (Dr. Vincenzo Salzano)

24.04.2015 – “The Principle of Maximum Tension” (Hussain Gohar, M. Sc.)
08.05.2015 – “What can quantum cosmology say about the inflationary universe?” (Prof. Claus Kiefer, University of Cologne)
22.05.2015 – “Higgs Dark Matter from a Warped Extra-Dimension” (Aqeel Ahmed, M. Sc., University of Warsaw):
29.05.2015 – “Basic facts on Varying Speed of Light theories” (Prof. Mariusz P. Dąbrowski)
05.06.2015no seminar
12.06.2015 – “Influence of a varying fine structure constant and electron screening on primordial nucleosynthesis” (Katarzyna Leszczyńska, M. Sc.)

22.07.2015 – “Classical and quantum evolution of a universe with a positive cosmological constant” (Dr. David Brizuela, Univ. Basque Country, Bilbao, Spain)

16.10.2015 – “Third quantization and varying constants” (Manuel Krämer)
23.10.2015 – “Physics of extra dimensions” (Prof. Mariusz P. Dąbrowski)
30.10.2015 – “Test of the Vainshtein mechanism with gravitational lensing from clusters of galaxies” (Dr. Vincenzo Salzano)
06.11.2015 – “Cyclic Multiverses” (Konrad Marosek, M. Sc.)
20.11.2015 – “How to detect a possible cosmological redshift-extended VSL signal from BAO and cosmic chronometers” (Dr. Vincenzo Salzano)
04.12.2015 – “Thermodynamics of Dark Fluids” (Hussain Gohar, M. Sc.)
11.12.2015 – “Can the Green and Wald formalism be applied to the realistic Universe?” (Jan Ostrowski, M. Sc., Copernicus University of Toruń)
18.12.2015no seminar