11.01.2013 – Nuclear power (Dr. T. Denkiewicz)
18.01.2013 – Luminosity distance in relativity (Dr. T. Denkiewicz)
25.01.2013 – Regularization of singularities and variation of physical constants (K. Marosek, M. Sc.)

08.03.2013 – Weakless Universe - the universe without weak interactions (prof. M. Dąbrowski)
15.03.2013 – Effective banks of templates for searches of almost monochromatic gravitational waves (Andrzej Pisarski, M. Sc., University of Białystok)
05.04.2013 – LUNA MV – challenges for an underground laboratory (Dr. N. Targosz)

12.04.2013 – Gravitational wave detection (Prof. M. Dąbrowski)
19.04.2013 – Sources of gravitational waves (Prof. M. Dąbrowski)
26.04.2013 – Can an inhomogeneous universe mimic the LambdaCDM model? (Dr. Adam Balcerzak)

10.05.2013 - Cosmos of rev. Georges Lemaitre - premier projection of the film made of the lecture by rev. prof. Michael Heller at 13.09.2012 during the conference "Multicosmofun'12"
17.05.2013 - Superenergy tensors and the stability of Einstein equations (prof. J. Garecki)
24.05.2013 - Discussion about the definition of the luminosity distance in cosmology.

07.06.2013 – Varying physical constants, anthropic principles, and the multiverse (Prof. M. Dąbrowski)
14.06.2013 – Experimental results on the threshold resonance in helium-4 and its possible cosmological consequences (prof. K. Czerski)
21.06.2013 – Determination of distances in the Universe (Prof. J. Garecki)
28.06.2013 - Effects of inhomogeneities on apparent cosmological observables: "fake" evolving dark energy (Dr. A.E. Romano, Nat. U. Taiwan)

04.10.2013 – Fine structure constant variation due to a scalar field (Dr. T. Denkiewicz)
11.10.2013 – no seminar
18.10.2013 - Proton therapy of eye tumours (prof. K. Czerski)
25.10.2013 – Current bounds on the variation of proton to electron mass ratio (Dr. M. Wendt, University of Potsdam)

08.11.2013 – no seminar
15.11.2013 – Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) in theory and in practice of Himalayas (Dr. T. Denkiewicz)
22.11.2013 - Cosmic tests of inhomogeneous pressure universes (prof. M. Dąbrowski)
29.11.2013 - Discussion about the off-center observers in the Universe

06.12.2013 - no seminar
13.12.2013 - no seminar
20.12.2013 - no seminar