14.01.2011 – Variational principles and the role of the boundary terms. Einsteinian limit of the brane f(R) theory (Dr. A. Balcerzak)
21.01.2011 – Monte Carlo Markov Chain (Dr. T. Denkiewicz)
28.01.2011 - Iron or nickel - which nuclei have higher binding energy? (prof. M. Dąbrowski)

25.02.2011 - Spectral analysis for incomplete spaces -Górski method (prof. J. Stelmach)
11.03.2011- Is torsion needed in theory of gravity? (prof. J. Garecki)
18.03.2011 - Markov Chain Monte Carlo (Dr. T. Denkiewicz)
25.03.2011 - Spherically symmetric solutions for the f(R) vacuum theory (Dr. Adam Balcerzak)
01.04.2011 - Markov Chain Monte Carlo (Dr. T. Denkiewicz)

15.04.2011 – Monte Carlo molecular modeling (Dr. Eng. Marcin Buchowiecki)
22.04.2011 – no seminar
29.04.2011 – no seminar
06.05.2011 – Spherically symmetric solutions for the f(R) vacuum theory (Dr. Balcerzak)

13.05.2011 – Spacetime averaging of exotic singularity universes (prof. M. Dąbrowski)
20.05.2011 – The European Pressurized Reactor as an example of the third generation reactors (Tomasz Machtyl)
27.05.2011 – no seminar
03.06.2011 – On the training for nuclear educators in France (Dr. T. Denkiewicz)

10.06.2011 – no seminar
17.06.2011 – The twister solution with the Higgs field (Dr. O. Hrycyna KUL)
24.06.2011 – no seminar

28.10.2011 – Glimpses from 6th European School on Experimental Nuclear Astrophysics - ``From Quarks and Gluons to Hadrons and Nuclei'' (mgr M. Kaczmarski)
04.11.2011 –Superluminal neutrinos – curious theoretical explanations (prof. M. Dąbrowski) (Dr. O. Hrycyna KUL)
18.11.2011 – Newtonian limit of the Randall- Sundrum brane-world models (Dr. A. Balcerzak)

25.11.2011 – Threshold resonance in Helium-4 and its astrophysical consequences (prof. K. Czerski)
02.12.2011 – The definition of functionals in the classical field theory (prof. J. Stelmach)
09.12.2011 – Electron screening effect in low-energy d+d reactions in metallic environment (N. Targosz-Ślęczka, M. Sc.)
16.12.2011 – European Pressurerized Reactor under construction in Flamanville (prof. M. Dąbrowski)