09.01.2009 Type III and IV singularities versus cosmological observations (dr T. Denkiewicz)
16.01.2009 Superenergy - new ideas (prof. J. Garecki)
23.01.2009 Tolman-Oppenheimer-Volkoff equation in models with exotic equations of state - part I (prof. M. Dąbrowski)
30.01.2009 Tolman-Oppenheimer-Volkoff equation in models with exotic equations of state - part I (prof. M. Dąbrowski)
06.03.2009 Superenergy - new ideas (prof. J. Garecki)
13.03.2009 Cosmological restrictions for the fourth-order theories on the brane (mgr A. Balcerzak)
20.03.2009 Variable physical "constants" - bounds (prof. M. Dąbrowski)
27.03.2009 no seminar
03.04.2009 Observational verification of the type III, IV and w-singularities in cosmology (Dr. T. Denkiewicz)
no seminars between 10.04.2009 and 15.05.2009
22.05.2009 Appell's energy as an analogue of superenergy in relativity (prof. J. Garecki)
29.05.2009 Particle creation at sudden future singularities (prof. M. Dąbrowski)
05.06.2009 Doppler peaks and baryon acoustic oscillations in exotic singularity models (dr T. Denkiewicz)
12.06.2009 no seminar
19.06.2009 Review of string and brane cosmologies (mgr A. Balcerzak)
26.06.2009 Higher-order brane gravity models (prof. M. Dąbrowski)

02.10.2009 Observational tests of sudden future singularities (Dr. T. Denkiewicz)
09.10.2009 Multidimensional Clairaut equation and its applications to Hamiltonian formalism for constrained systems (Dr. Steven Duplij, University of Kharkov, Ukraine)
16.10.2009 Dark energy, perturbations and other features of braneworld cosmology (Dr. Yuri Shtanov, Bogoliubov Institute, Kiev, Ukraine)
23.10.2009 Do we live in the center of the universe? (prof. M. Dabrowski)
30.10.2009 On the nature of time and space (mgr A. Balcerzak)
06.11.2009 Cosmology of Chaplygin gas (prof. M. Dąbrowski)
13.11.2009 Higher-order brane gravity models (mgr A. Balcerzak)
20.11.2009 no seminar
27.11.2009 Degrees of freedom in gravitational theories (prof. R. Schimming, Univ. Greifswald, Germany)
04.12.2009 Back-reaction of inhomogeneous pressure (prof. M. Dąbrowski)
11.12.2009 "Big-Bang and the Creation of the Universe" - film projection of rev. prof. Michael Heller's lecture delivered on 17.09.09
18.12.2009 Cosmology Group activity report of 2009 and a surprise

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!