Friday Seminars

Informal cosmology, particles and nuclear physics seminar.
Fridays, at 12.30,
Institute of Physics, Univ. Szczecin, Wielkopolska 15,
room 301 (since March 2020 online on MSTeams or ZOOM).
All interested individuals are invited - in order to be included into the list of seminar weekly announcements please contact prof. V. Salzano

In almost every week our research group helds a Friday Cosmology Seminar. The seminar has already had a long-term tradition - the first seminar took place on the 11th of November 1994 and so on 11th of November 2019 we celebrated 25th anniversary of this scientific activity of the group. The initiator was prof. M. Dąbrowski who was inspired by the informal lunchtime talks at the University of Sussex where he worked as a postdoc in 1993/94. The seminars are mainly devoted to topics in cosmology though we are happy to have them more interdisciplinary where other branches of physics, as well as the philosophy of physics and cosmology, are also discussed. The technical level of the talks is adapted to the audience. Usually, we have very advanced talks about the current results in cosmology, but often we also have the talks on a more popular/review level. We keep our seminars informal, which encourages a lot of lively discussions on a given topic. All our guests are served with coffee or tea, and a traditional doughnut.

Since October 2011 till June 2014 we had the seminars in a new formula putting more stress onto the particle and nuclear physics aspects of cosmology joining our discussions with the members of the Nuclear and Medical Physics Group of the Institute of Physics lead by prof. Konrad Czerski.

Now, we again focus mainly on cosmology.

We are always happy to welcome guests. People who are interested in the seminars are invited to contact with the members of the group. Currently, the person responsible for the organization of the seminars is prof. Vincenzo Salzano.