Paolo Cremonese, M.Sc.

Ph.D. student

room: 409
tel: +48 91 444 12 86
e-mail: paolo.cremonese [at] usz.edu.pl


Research interests
Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Research interests

  • multi-messenger astrophysics
  • data analysis
  • gravitational waves
  • gravitational lensing


On line listarXivINSPIRE


  • High accuracy on $H_0$ measurements from gravitational wave lensing events - arXiv:1911.11786

  • The lensing time delay between gravitational and electromagnetic waves - arXiv:1808.05886, a reviewed copy of the master thesis work. Submitted to A&A.


Computer skills

  • intermediate: OpenOffice, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mathematica
  • advenced: Python, latex


  • Travelling
    Discover and live new cultures and countries is for sure one of my goal for the present and the  future.
  • Data analysis
    Besides my academic work, I like to study and be informed about machine learning and data science in general.
  • Sports
    I played football for many years in a team, and I still play it sometimes. I also love lots of other sport and physical activities, one in particular is cycling.
  • Piano
    I took piano lessons for several years, since I was a kid, and it is still a special thing for me.
  • Books
    Reading has always been vital to me. To learn always new stuff and plunge into books is my thing.
  • Technologies
    I am interested in all technologies regarding both my field of study and not, and I try to keep informed on this topic as much as I can.

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