13.01.2017 – “Quantum-gravitational effects on primordial power spectra in the slow-roll approximation” (Dr. Manuel Krämer)
20.01.2017Journal club
27.01.2017 – “Baryogenesis with varying constants” (Katarzyna Leszczyńska, M. Sc.)
03.02.2017 – “Rainbow gravity” (Prof. Mariusz P. Dąbrowski)

10.02.2017 – 24.02.2016winter break

03.03.2017 – “Imprints of an interacting multiverse in the CMB power spectrum” (Dr. Manuel Krämer)
10.03.2017 – “Varying constants?” (Prof. Janusz Garecki)
17.03.2017 – “General relativity with positive cosmological constant as a gauge theory” (Marta Dudek, M. Sc.)
24.03.2017 – “Affine quantization of the FRW universe” (Artur Miroszewski, M. Sc., NCBJ, Warsaw)
31.03.2017 – “Phase transitions in the early universe and creation of baby universes” (Hussain Gohar, M. Phil.)
07.04.2017 – “Modern Cosmology: Astrophysical analyses of SNeIa and future surveys” (Dr. Mickael Rigault, Humboldt University of Berlin)

14.04.2017Easter Holiday

21.04.2017 – “Defending varying constants: how to fight a referee and end up winning” (Dr. Vincenzo Salzano)
28.04.2017no seminar

05.05.2017 – “Moffat’s varying speed of light theory as alternative to inflation” (Prof. Mariusz P. Dąbrowski)
12.05.2017 – “Dynamics of vacuum bubbles separated by a domain wall in the early Universe” (Hussain Gohar, M. Phil.)
26.05.2017 – Reminiscences of the SpringCosmo17 Meeting in Międzyzdroje

02.06.2017 – “c-flation: an inflationary model driven by VSL” (Dr. Vincenzo Salzano)
09.06.2017Journal club
16.06.2017no seminar
23.06.2017 – “Classical phantom puzzles” (Prof. Mariusz P. Dąbrowski)