10.01.2014 – My reminiscences of the 27th Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics (prof. M. Dąbrowski)
17.01.2014 – Sandage-Loeb test for exotic singularity universes (Dr. T. Denkiewicz)
24.01.2014 – A test which determines variation of Newton's gravitational constant G (K. Marosek (M. Sc.))

14.02.2014 - Varying speed of light quantum cosmology (Ms. Katarzyna Leszczyńska)

07.03.2014 - The measurement of the variation of the fine structure constant (prof. M. Dąbrowski)
14.03.2014 - Variation of the fine structure constant due to the scalar field in singular universes (Dr. T. Denkiewicz)
21.03.2014 - Recent applications of Wheeler-DeWitt quantum cosmology (Mr. M. Kramer, Univ. Cologne)
28.03.2014 - Non-integrability of motion in the Zipoy-Voorhees space-time (Dr. T. Stachowiak, Univ. Zielona Góra)
11.04.2014 - Measuring cosmic bulk flows with SNe Ia from the Nearby Supernova Factory (Dr. U. Feindt, Univ. Bonn)
16.05.2014 - The canonical superenergy tensors and stability of the solutions to the Einstein equations - new results (prof. J. Garecki)
23.05.2014 - Phantom entropy (prof. M. Dąbrowski)
30.05.2014 - Convergence of physics and medicine (prof. M. Dąbrowski)
13.06.2014 - What was discussed at the Second Azores School on Observational Cosmology? (K. Marosek, K. Leszczyńska)

11.07.2014 - Alternative gravities vs dark energy: an observational and phenomenological approach (V. Salzano)
16.07.2014 - Hawking Radiations from Black Holes (H. Gohar)

10.09.2014 - Spectroscopic constraints on variation of fundamental constants in astrophysics (prof. Mikhail Kozlov, Petersburg Nuclear Physics
Institute, Russia)

10.10.2014 - Harmonic oscillating universes (Prof. Mariusz Dąbrowski)
17.10.2014 - Varying constants minisuperspace models (Katarzyna Leszczyńska, M.Sc.)
24.10.2014 - Dark energy and dark matter perturbations in singular universes (Dr. Tomasz Denkiewicz)
07.11.2014 - Entropic cosmology: varying physical constants approach (Hussain Gohar, M.Sc.)
14.11.2014 - Measuring the speed of light with BAO (Dr. Vincenzo Salzano)
21.11.2014 - Selected geometrical and physical aspects of conformal transformations (Marta Dudek, M.Sc.)
28.11.2014 - Nuclear and Medical Physics Laboratory: perspectives for the new accelerator facility at University of Szczecin (Mateusz Kaczmarski, M.Sc.)
05.12.2014 – Growing entropy and multiverse (Konrad Marosek, M.Sc.)
12.12.2014 – Quantum gravitational effects on scalar and tensor perturbations during inflation (Manuel Krämer, M.Sc.)
19.12.2014 – The cases for Multiverse (prof. Mariusz Dąbrowski)