Conference site: University of Szczecin, Central Campus, Wielkopolska 15, 70-451 Szczecin

The central campus of the University of Szczecin composed of the buildings at Wielkopolska 15 (hosting Institute of Physics and Szczecin Cosmology Group), Jana Pawła II 31 (Administration), and Jana Pawła II 22a (Rector's Office) is placed at the heart of Szczecin near to City Hall and the beautiful Kasprowicza Park from where one can walk along up to the Arkoński forest, ponds and Głębokie lake. There are a couple of hotels called Villas just in the distance of a couple of hundred meters around, though participants may also wish to stay in the hotels close to the river Odra bank and the famous Wały Chrobrego region which is achievable by walk, tram or taxi easily.