10.01.2020 - "Thermodynamics of spacetime: A perspective from the quantum realm". (Ana Alonso-Serrano)
17.01.2020 - "Prof. Jerzy Stelmach – a cosmologist and a popularizer of science". (Mariusz P. Dąbrowski)
24.01.2020 - "Solving the mass sheet degeneracy in gravitational lensing observation with future sky surveys". (Paolo Cremonese)
31.01.2020 - "Imperfect fluids in cosmology". (Roberto Caroli)

02.2020 - Winter Break

06.03.2020 - "Trans-Planckian Problem and Hubble Tension in the Swampland Program". (Roberto Caroli)

VIRTUAL FRIDAY COSMOLOGY SEMINARS (due to the coronavirus pandemia)

13.03.2020 General discussion on the topic of "Artificial Superintelligence".
20.03.2020 Quantum uncertainty in the presence of weak curvature (Fabian Wagner)
27.03.2020 Entanglement entropy of a pair of universes. A "critical" analysis". (Samuel Barroso-Bellido)
03.04.2020 tba (Vincenzo Salzano)